Letter to R.

smeekbede uit 2002 door op in buiten-westen.nl

I`ll put this in english, you might want your lawyer to read this, and I hope your english is better than your dutch. I didn`t understand much of your message. I hope your lawyer is someone with integrity and a quick understanding of things, and I hope he charges you a lot, I would find it a hell of a job representing someone with an evil character as you have.

After you brought Claudia and the kids to the airport for the last time, you charged her with abduction. Probably your first lawyer filed the `Motion Without Notice`, so Claudia would`t know. But it was you, Ronald Wemmers, that set the trap. A terrible lie. You knew exactly what was going on, you triumphantly told Hans, we have all the evidence and enough witnesses. Even your own laywer, Ms. Chanteal Oshowy, doesn`t believe you, she told me. But you hold the cards and played them out. Pity our evidence was all turned down by the courts in Holland because of the `The Hague Convention`, on child-abduction, which is not what Clau did, but that`s what you claim. Here they followed the first Canadian ruling. That you started.

With your second big lie: "I had no idea there was anything wrong with my marriage until she called". You are not that stupid. Now your wife is a Canadian criminal, your children are against their will with you. After 18 months in Canada, you forcefully bring your children back there, where they have nothing and no-one but you. And we all know how much you are prepared to invest love, time, and just plain interest in them. Quincy spend 7 years of his life in Holland, and you want him to adapt now? He already had learning problems, caused by your selfish behaviour.

You still have done nothing to secure Clau`s rights, what`s the plan this time? Put her in jail for abduction? Put her in a mental hospital for `instability`, another of your lies? Hans also saw you in person brag and boast about a disgusting chat-session-log you made, and intended to frame Clau with this. That is the lowest. What is this good for? Claudia has done you no wrong, she went to Canada with you because of her love for you, with hope her marriage and you would turn out for the better. It didn`t. Is this your reward? I wonder if you had ever thought about `running the house and children`. Would be hard for you to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, clean up everybody`s mess, pay the bills, put out the garbage, go out with your children more than once in a lifetime, be supportive, loving, help with Quincy`s homework, be patient, not selfish... Is this the punishment they deserve, you think?

You just can`t stand losing, do you, had to take revenge. For what? Not being able to love you anymore? Not being able to bear after all these years? Have you any idea what a selfish bastard you are? And have been, not only to Claudia, and your children, but also to us, your family and your friends? For the past thirteen years I know you and hear people speak of you? I knew from the first moment I met you there was something wrong with you. You cannot communicate but of yourself. Real communication requires two-way connections, listening and thinking about it, for example. Clau can`t talk of emotions either, I don`t think you really deeply talked to eachother about your problems. You grinding your own selfish way and Clau loading it all on her big back, just carrying on like nothing happened and with hope for the better. Sadly you turned evil, spying on her, trying rediculous punishments on the children. You did nothing positive. At all.

And I knew you also as a friendly, witty, competitive sports- and craftsman. I thought you were an honourable man. But there is no honour in what you have done, just evil. You have done so much pain, and so much grief, it`s hard to express. With your lies you ripped our lives apart. Your family, Henk, Rianne, Hans, Jet, me and especially Robine, who was once your friend, with whom you can talk on the phone now. She's amazing. Everyday I look in her eyes and see the grief of the loss of her two special friends, Quincy and Celine. You caused it, Ronald, no-one else. And still it is not too late. Send the children back to Claudia. If you don`t, they will probably never forgive you. Show me you have some heart and honour left. You won, you broke everybody`s back. Now it`s time to set the record straight. If you have the guts to pick up your own life and not charging Clau for a lot of money. That`s really miserable.

This is my extra-special disclaimer to you, Ronald Wemmers: I know of all the facts told here to be true and confirmed, on paper or by persons whom I trust, I do not intend to slander or smear you or mislead anyone, I want the full true story as I know it be told to everyone for to obtain another, personal view (mine) on the situation, I will commit myself to this as long as you keep your wife and children in this terrible ordeal. I have nothing to do with any article in any paper that has not my name under it, I do not consult Clau about my own actions. I beg you on my virtual knees to stop this punishment, and start your own new life. This is a very bad mistake.