Goed Nieuws 2020

Goed Nieuws 2020 door op in Lees Voer

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2020

How do you begin to sum it all up? None of the adjectives work any more, so we're not going to even try. Instead as we sign off for a much-needed break, we're going to leave you with our traditional annual list of good news. As readers of this newsletter we know the title doesn't really apply - you have of course, heard of most if not all of these stories! There's something though, about having them all in one place that just feels different.

Before you click on the link we hope you don't mind if we take a moment to thank all our paid subscribers for their support. The goal of this newsletter isn't just to tell better stories - it's to make better stories possible. Over the past 12 months our members have helped us send a total of US$45,000 to so many good causes around the world. Grandmother counsellors in Zimbabwe, food kitchens in South Africa and India, a radio station in Burkina Faso, farming and conservation initiatives in Mozambique, indigenous activists (and the doctors supporting them) in the Amazon, and kids' charities in Afghanistan and Syria. That kind of money goes a long way in those parts of the world, and has made a real difference. You're the ones who made this possible. We are so grateful.

Enough from us, here's the list. Please share these far and wide with family, friends and colleagues. As we say in the introduction: even during the darkest of times millions of people around the world have rolled up their sleeves and continued to do the work. These are their stories, and this year, we think it’s more important to celebrate them than ever. We hope you agree.

Thanks for riding the rollercoaster with us this year, and best wishes for the holiday season. We'll see you in 2021.
With love,

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