buiten-westen.nl discontinued 2017 door op in Buiten Westen

Dear family,
the website buiten-westen.nl will be removed and discontinued on the internet. Here is a zip file with the relevant content. (not all of it, pfff...) You can still visit but it might be over soon.

The website was founded by me and Robine, as a reaction to the disastrous outcome of a lawsuit against Claudia in 2002, where she was forced to leave her children in the custody of R. and have them send back to Canada.

Time flies, even when you're not having fun, but it seems wise to me to archive our statements, reactions, fears and hopes, and public opinions, that were prevalent in these times. I am convinced that we changed opinion and politics with the site, eventually leading to the killing of 'De Centrale Autoriteit' by our minister Hirsch Ballin, and leading to much better laws on child abduction.

Time flies like light when technology is involved and i see no way to convert the site to a modern CMS. It's just too old. From a developers standpoint: no system will support this old crap anymore.

So here you are with a lot of reading material, about those days that had such an impact on our lives. I know we were truthful then, as we are now. If you want reference, information, emotion, facts, about these times, this might help you a bit further.

And let us not dwell on the past, but look at our future. We will never forget, but we will be better people, friends and family for each other, whatever sick shit happens. We are stronger than that, obviously.

Love you all,